Cat adoption organization. Cat Rescue organization.
South Bay Cats is a 501(c) 3 non-profit
Adoption/Rescue organization of

We have the specific purpose rescuing and adopting
friendly kittens and cats and of caring and feeding
feral and/or homeless cats & kittens in the South
Bay,San Pedro area of Los Angeles County.

Our specific goals include:
To participate in the controlling of the feral cat
populations by trapping, neutering and spaying feral
cats then returning them back to their colony habitats.

To participate in the continued monitoring of the feral
cat colonies by providing food and nutrition to ensure
a safe and healthy habitat for the feral cat colony.

To actively participate in rescue efforts for homeless
cats and kittens.  Volunteers to provide each rescued
cat with appropriate medical care including virus
detection, protective vaccinations, neutering and

To place rescued cats and kittens in safe supportive
home environment with foster volunteers until each
cat or kitten is ready for adoption.

To find quality adoption homes for the placement of
our rescued cats and kittens with responsible
individuals and families in the South Bay area of LA

South Bay Cats Volunteers serve the Los Angeles
County communities of Los Angeles & Long Beach
Harbor and Port areas, and other various locations in
San Pedro, Rancho Palos Verdes, Lomita Harbor City,
and Torrance.  South Bay Cat volunteers also reach
out and service, where needed, other feral cat
colonies throughout the greater South Bay area of Los
Angeles County.
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Adopted Cat
Adopted Cat
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South Bay Cats