Cat adoption organization. Cat Rescue organization.
South Bay Cats offers the community Public
Cages to show their cats and kittens looking for
new homes. In order to participate in  this
program each kitty must provide proof of the
following minimum medical records

  • All cats/kittens must be healthy and tested “negative” for       
    FIV/FelV "Combo Test".
  • California State Law requires South Bay Cats to only make
    available for adoption cats and kittens that have been neutered
    and/or spayed. In order for South Bay Cats to show your kitty,
    they must have already been altered.
  • Kittens must have received a minimum of their first
    vaccination for Panleuk/Rhi/Cali, which is called a "Three in
    One" 1st Vaccination.  Adult cats need to have a current
    "Annual" Vaccination.

Cats/Kittens meeting these requirements may
be shown by making cage arrangements with
South Bay Cats by contacting us via email.  
Please use our "Contact Us" link.

Kitties are shown on Weekends - see our
ADOPTIONS page for details.

South Bay Cats is not a shelter and does not take in unwanted cats
or kittens
without prior arrangements being made through an SBC
Volunteer. Please use our contact form for further information.

To discourage “dumping” refundable deposits may be required.
Cats finding new homes will receive a microchip by South Bay
Cats at no charge.  Community members utilizing this service must
sign a “hold harmless” declaration and donate all adoption fees to
South Bay Cats.

To help you fulfill our minimum requirements, listed below are
two low cost Vet Clinics offering FELV/FIV Testing, Vaccinations
and Spay and Neuter services.  Both clinics require appointments
for spay and neuter only.  All other services are offered on a "walk-
in" basis.
Looking for an alternative shelter to having to
place your kitty with a governmental community

Check out "PET PRIDE" in Culver City
Pet Pride offers a cage free, no kill  environment
including a kitty retirement home.  Fees for
placement range from $225 for Kittens to $2,500
for lifetime care of your beloved Adult Cat.  A
great place to check out for "Estate Planning"
purposes.  Call them at:      (310) 836-5427or visit
Pet Pride on the Web at:
Low Cost Spay, Neuter & Vaccination Clinics
Clinic Name:
Golden State Humane
957 N Gaffy
San Pedro CA
555 E.Artesia Blvd.
Long Beach CA
Phone Number:
Minimum Age for
Two pounds
(6 to 8 weeks)
Three pounds
(12 weeks+)
Litter Discounts:
Neuter Costs:
Low Inc.$35.00
Regular $65.00
Spay Costs
Low Inc. $35.00
Regular $65.00
Other Services:
Vaccinations -
FELV/FIV Testing
Full Service Vet-(no
FELV?FIV Testiong
Vaccination Costs:
Feral Cat Package:
Call For Details.
Yes-Call for details.
Drop-off by 9AM
Walk-In Vaccination
Clinic Hours:
Call for details.
8:30 AM - 4:30 PM
Other Services
12:30 AM - 4:30 PM
(:00 AM - !:30 PM
Voucher Accepted
Yes (Call about low
income Qualifications
Yes (Not LA City)
Map to Clinic:
Golden State Humane Society
Web Link:
Golden GoldenState
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