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South Bay Cat Volunteering Opportunities.

South Bay Cats needs volunteers to
support these activities:

  • Feral Cat Colony Feeding
  • Assist showing Cats,set up and breakdown of displays
    at our adoptions.
  • Cat and Kitten fostering.

Fostering:  South Bay Cats needs people who love Cats and
have time to volunteer and some extra room in their homes.
Cat and Kitten fostering requires that you open your home
and heart to our cats or kittens. The foster is responsible for
food and litter. South Bay Cats takes care of the health, spay
and neuter and most other costs.
Many of the cats which come into our care are ill and as a
foster you will have to administer medication and nurture
your animals back to good health. As a foster you will need
to spend time playing with your cats to assure that they are
people friendly and outgoing. As a foster you may have to
transport your animals from shelters, to the Vet and to and
from our adoptions. You will usually have the cats in your
care until they are adopted.
The rewards of fostering are many. Most people who foster
will be fostering kittens. If you foster kittens you will usually
get to name your kitties and you will be able to see each little
personality develop and get to play with and observe the
interplay of your kittens. A big plus is you will get the
satisfaction of knowing that you are rescuing cats or kittens
and saving little lives. All or our fostered cats are rescued and
in-doors only.

Feral Colony Feeding: If you can have only a few but your
heart begs for thirty-two . . . then this is the volunteer
opportunity for you.

Crawford.  Stubby.  Quilt.  X-Ray. Tabby. These are some of
the kitties found in feral colonies on beaches and docks, in
parks and warehouses and behind strip centers.  Their
presence helps discourage the growth of rodent populations
in these areas, but contrary to belief these cats cannot
sustain or thrive on their own without the same kind of care
and love given to their "adoptable" counterparts. Although
South Bay Cats is an all volunteer, non profit adoption
agency primarily focused on placing domesticated cats and
kittens in loving homes, its compassion extends to the many
homeless kitties in our community.  We are one hundred
percent committed to and practice a TNR (trap, neuter and
release) policy.

If you love cats, enjoy nature and being out of doors, if
you're interested in making new friends and keeping fit,
volunteer for feral cat feeding and experience the joy that
only their human benefactors can. Contact us for more
information about how you can help
make life easier for these beautiful creatures that often must
endure the harshest of conditions.
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Adopted Cat
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